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Welcome to Study Mauritius – A Unique Learning Experience

Choosing Mauritius as your higher education destination is the ultimate key to a promising future. Its strategic location at the crossroads of Asia, Africa and Australia, together with key factors like competitive costs of education, streamlined procedures, a part-time work scheme for international students and a unique lifestyle, make the island an attractive destination for higher education as well as professional and executive training.

Over the years, Mauritius has crafted its reputation as a reliable and trusted provider of quality education and has meticulously assembled all the ingredients to transform itself into a leading regional knowledge hub.

The island provides you with a unique student experience coupled with the opportunity to work. Facilities like world class campuses, health facilities, fast track student visas, internships in leading companies while enjoying an exquisite lifestyle at the back drop of a picturesque scenery are the few reasons why Mauritius is a favorite destination for higher education for the many foreign students on the island at present. The cosmopolitan crowd together with the genuine Mauritian hospitality will serve you an unforgettable experience in a safe and stable environment.

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March 2014
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December 2013 - January 2014
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December 2012
From left to right: Front Lohita Adedeji (Nigeria), Milka Wafala (Kenya), Nathalie Meyo (Nigeria)
Back: Olumayowa Obigbesan (Nigeria), Royal-Praise Omololu (Nigeria), Folagbade Joseph Olatunji-David (Nigeria)

"We did't know much about Mauritius before coming here, but when we searched for it on the Internet, it appeared to be an attractive option. It felt like it would be a new adventure, a new place to discover. After coming here, it usually feels like a place most of us could only dream to study at. The atmosphere in Mauritius is very peaceful. There are many wonderful places that we enjoy going to during our leisure time, be it for hiking, mountaineering or relaxing at the beach. And to top it all, we actually get to acquire equivalent qualifications as in the UK, but at a much lower cost!"
Nieka Gordon (South Africa)

“I've always known about Mauritius being a tourism destination. So, when the opportunity to study in Mauritius presented itself, it was simply incredible. besides the fact that is is only a four-hour flight from South-Africa to Mauritius, the tropical climate and fascinating Mauritian culture are great reasons to consider studying here. Mixing with local students was no big deal - such is the friendliness on Mauritians!”

Latest News & Forthcoming Events
- EXTENSION OF DEADLINE!: Mauritius Scholarships to 50 Deserving African Students 2014 The deadline for the submission of applications has been extended to 01 August 2014 Click here for more information!
- Consultative Workshop on the implementation of the Maurice Ile Durable Strategy Mainstreaming Sustainable Development in Tertiary Education Programmes
- International Conference on International Trade and Investment 2013: the 3rd International Conference on International Trade and Investment with the theme ’Non-Tariff Measures: The New Frontier of Trade Policy?’ was held on 5th September 2013. It was organised by the University of Mauritius in close collaboration with the World Trade Organisation Chairs Programme, and aimed at enhancing knowledge of the trade system among academics, students and citizens.
- Inauguration of Université des Mascareignes: The inaugural ceremony of the Université des Mascareignes (UdM) was held at the Rose-Hill campus, in the presence of Dr the Hon. Navinchandra Ramgoolam, Prime Minister of the Republic of Mauritius... Read more
- Inauguration of Université des Mascareignes: Click here to view pictures!
- Mauritius and Tanzania eye greater cooperation in higher education: Read more.
- The Ministry of Tertiary Education, Science, Research and Technology organized a ceremony on June 24th to present the candidates selected to attend the Lindau Nobel Laureates Meeting in Germany. Click Here to view pictures!
- African students celebrating Music Day in Mauritius. Click Here to view pictures!
- In the last Budget Speech, it was announced that international students studying in technical and vocational institutions in Mauritius would also be eligible for a student visa scheme and allowed to take up employment on a part-time basis up to 20 hours a week. In this connection, the Employment (Non-Citizens) (Restrictions) Exemptions Regulations have been amended to cater for these international students. Click here for the amended guidelines for the part-time employment of international students.
- Press Communique: New Student Loan Scheme for all resident citizens of the Republic of Mauritius willing to pursue undergraduate studies. Click here to download.
- Communique: Eligibility Criteria to be met prior to proceeding for a diploma in medicine or a diploma in dentistry for students wishing to be subsequently registered as doctors or dentists in Mauritius. Click Here

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