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Open University of Mauritius Distance Learning Scholarships

The Open University of Mauritius Scholarships aim at contributing to the long-term development needs of partner countries. Through these scholarships, Mauritius supports the development of skills and knowledge of individuals to drive change and contribute to the development outcomes of their own country.

The Open University of Mauritius Scholarship is a scholarship scheme for citizens of Commonwealth Countries to study for a course leading to the award of the Commonwealth Executive Master of Business Administration (CEMBA). The certificate is awarded by the Open University of Mauritius.

What does the scholarship cover?

All course fees, tuition, assessment, and study guides

Scholarship Application Eligibility Criteria

Applicants must:
• be citizens of a Commonwealth state;
• have an undergraduate degree in a relevant field with at least an upper second class from a recognised university;
• have a minimum of two years of relevant post-qualification experience;
• a working knowledge of the English language at the postgraduate level; and
• have regular, reliable and easy access to a computer with email and internet facilities.

Applicants may be requested to take CEMBA / CEMPA Admission Test.

Applicants must be committed to making a difference within their workplace and country whilst they must understand the requirements and challenges of a distance learning course. As distance learners, applicants must ensure that they have the support of their employers and family.

NB: Learners cannot be enrolled in another postgraduate course during the time of the scholarship.

If accepted applicant must commit to:
• setting aside regular time for studying (approx. 15-20 hours per week);
• completing and handing in the coursework in time for course deadlines; and
• contributing to web discussions and activities.


• A minimum of 2 years (4 semesters)
• A maximum of 4 years

Award Conditions

Applicants who want to accept an Open University of Mauritius Scholarship will need to sign a contract with the Open University of Mauritius declaring that they will comply with the conditions of the scholarship.

Every Commonwealth Country wishing to participate in this scholarship scheme must make all arrangements to conduct examinations in a secured environment.


Semester starts from 26 August 2013.

Applications from candidates

• Every Commonwealth State wishing to participate in this scholarship scheme must conduct its own recruitment process to shortlist two nominated candidates for the Distance Learning Scholarship.
• Every nominated candidate must submit completed application forms to the Director-General, Open University of Mauritius, Réduit, Mauritius (Email: directorgeneral@open.ac.mu or Fax: 4648854). The application form must be accompanied by all relevant documents as well as a letter from the authorities supporting the nomination of the applicant.
• Copies of educational certificates must be certified by the relevant authorities in the Commonwealth country concerned.

Deadline for application

31 July 2013

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